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Mechanical Engineering Manufacture

Tool-Cal has its own custom built workshop, which enables the company to manufacture in batch sizes to suit the customer. Tool-Cal is happy to manufacture in batch sizes from a single unit up to many thousands of pieces.

Tool-Cal’s extensive machine shop incorporates a range of machines and equipment that you would expect to find in a modern engineering workshop including CNC Lathes, CNC Millers, various Drilling Machines, Grinding Machines including Surface, Cylindrical and also Tool & Cutter.

Tool-Cal also has CNC Wire EDM. Inspection equipment includes Hardness Testers, Shadow Graph Machine and a number of numerous measuring items.

Fabrication work is also undertaken in house.

CNC Milling and CNC Lathes enables Tool-Cal to produce products from simple to intricate designs using both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Tool-Cal will also finish machine both castings and forgings.

Tool-Cal has supplied either directly or through a 3rd party products to the following industries, Aerospace, Motorsport, Automotive, Rail Network, Industrial Machining and Equipment, Pharmaceutical, Domestic and Leisure, Security and Construction.

OEM Special Service Tool Design & Manufacture

Special Service tools are of critical important to the technician. Designed to satisfy the client’s specific application on mechanical components, ensuring safety to the operator and of the product at the same time providing an efficient and cost effective repair, whilst maintaining a professional image with the customer.

The Tool-Cal team draws on many years experience within this particular field.

Tool-Cal will:

  • Project manages from conception to final product.
  • Design the tool.
  • Provide a prototype of the tool for the client’s approval.
  • Manufacture in quantities to suit the client’s request.
  • Stock and distribute tools to either the franchised dealership or the warehouse of the vehicle manufacture or importer.
  • In house stock management of the client’s products.

The Tool-Cal’s team experience has been instrumental in the successful completion of a number of Special Service Tooling projects, with many Original Equipment Manufacturing blue chip companies.

Tool-Cal will participate in a tooling project ranging from a one off up to many thousands of pieces.